My name is Kostas and I have a background in Physics. I have always been fascinated by nature's stunning beauty. Since I moved to Ottawa I got more involved with photography. I undertook several part-time courses at the School of the Photographic Arts (SPAO)
My photographic interests are all sort of -scapes; landscapes, cityscapes, nightscapes, seascapes. However, I am also trying to improve my environmental portraiture skills. Photography is an adventure after all; a quest to capture unique moments in time.
Recently, I have initiated two dedicated projects. The first, entitled 'Displaced Reality', intents to provoke an evocative response and force us to experience reality from a different perspective. The second, entitled 'Keep Walking', is about people walking around to an unknown destination, with a single purpose or thought that is unknown to us. There is some overlap between the two projects; however, the intent is to evoke different emotions.
My photographic gear consists of two cameras and several lenses, including fast zooms, primes and Lensbaby.  I also use several off-camera flashes and modifiers, which can be used in my small home studio for portraiture and still life or on location.
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